Hand Drawn Videos, the NEW way to deliver training.

We have over nine years of experience producing hand-drawn videos for a wide range of industries. Our experience in producing hand-drawn videos for marketing, advertising, and product explanation is strengthened by our Art Director being formerly employed in the same capacity by the advertising agencies, Olgivy's and Publicis Mojo. The case study below highlights our strengths and versatility.

Case Study

Iposol, the manufacturer of liquid salt, wanted a video explaining the difference between liquid salt and 'normal' salt. The video would be used on their website and at food fares around the world.

Iposol provided us with their brochure and from this, we produced the video.

On the left is the Iposol brochure and on the right the video.

"The video makes it so much easier for customers to understand the benefits of our product!"

Original Brochure

Hand Drawn Video

IPOSOL sales brochure

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Hand Drawn Videos For Training

Dr. Richard Wiseman, UK-based psychologist, investigated the difference between a hand-drawn style training video and a classic “talking head” training video, using the same voiceover.  He discovered there’s an average 15% increase in information recall when the message is presented in a hand drawn video style.