"He kai kei aku ringa"

We're looking to partner with a New Zealand-based organisation to produce a series of hand drawn videos, like the pilot video below,↓ to raise awareness of suicide prevention in New Zealand. No one agency can solve this challenge alone but with the right collaboration we can raise the awareness of suicide prevention to the highest level, in the most simple and direct way.

Let's Raise Awareness about 
Suicide Prevention

▶️ Play the video below ↓ to see how effective hand drawn videos are in raising awareness.



Oral and visual storytelling is at the core of all cultures. Hand drawn videos are the storytelling medium of the digital age. They use the three pillars of communication; audio, visual and text. Our brains are wired for storytelling so the viewer wants to watch and listen. As Professor Wiseman says, ‘the information simply goes in’.


It is vitally important, when creating videos to raise awareness within a certain demographic of the population, that there is a demonstrated connection to their culture. That's why we had Monte Pawa, Ngāti Kahu, Te Rawara and Ngā Puhi, record the voice narrative and Marty Bohte, Te Rawara, draw the original, hand drawn, illustrations.

 Suicide in New Zealand 

In 2018/19 there were 685 suicides in New Zealand. This represented a 29% rise in the suicide rate over the last ten years. At the same time, youth suicide rose by 37%. Mental health groups in New Zealand have called for tailored suicide prevention, especially for Māori and Pacific Island people. The Māori suicide rate, already disproportionally high, now stands at 28 people per 100,000.

Mental Health Foundation

"We need to to be raising awareness about suicide prevention."

It's Time to Give Back

My name is Tim Ogle. I was born and raised in the Far North of New Zealand. I have been personally affected by people committing suicide. My company, MrYScribe, has been creating hand drawn videos for the last ten years. Our success is unparalleled, raising awareness across education, safety, environmental, explanation and health service fields in Africa, Papua New Guinea, Europe, America and Australia.

“The seven ‘eTrade for All’ videos MrYScribe created successfully raised the awareness of African women on small businesses matters."   -  Torbjörn Fredriksson, United Nations, Geneva.

Morgana Thomas
Muriwhenua / Ngāpuhi
Year 11 Dean, Kaitaia College

“I just watched the animation, it’s a heart wrencher. What I like about it is, it’s male, the voice is male, the pictures are about males and we all know that the ones that suffer the most are our males.  It has huge potential. It should definitely be rolled out in schools, the Māori community, health places, everywhere.”

The Why

  • We need to raise awareness of suicide prevention.
  • Hand drawn videos are the perfect solution to raise awareness. 
  • We make hand drawn videos, like the one above. ↑
  • We need to collaborate with mental health experts.
  • We need to collaborate with iwi/organisations/government departments.
  • We need a way to ensure the videos get seen.

I'm Interested!

Please contact me so we can discuss how I can help in raising awareness of suicide prevention.